Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & SPA is a project inspired by the place where it is located. The forms of buildings correspond directly to the dynamic, bustling sea - waves and their constant movement. Looking at the lines of buildings - from different perspectives - we will notice their variability - exactly as we observe them to be at sea. From a distance - from the beach, the open sea or indeed the pier - the complex turns into a five-masted sailing ship with blue and white slanted sails. Looking at the same building from completely different points, we notice how its facades shimmer.  

Design: MODO Architecture


The design of the apartments is a way of tribute paid to the location, the immediate vicinity of the sea, dunes and the surrounding, beautiful pine park. Hence, wooden sculptures resembling pieces of wood thrown by the sea and brass handles in the shape of stones are featured in the rooms. Feathers, which we can often find on the beach, are also an important decorative element of the apartments. All decorative elements are unique - they are small works of art made by nature itself.

Design: Alicja Przybylska-Grabowska Interior Design