Your seaside paradise

Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & Spa is a remarkable investment located at the beach in Międzyzdroje, standing out with its modern architecture and a rich offer of attractions that can be enjoyed all year long. Thanks to an interesting arrangement of the entire complex, whose outline resembles a spiral, most glazed and spacious suites have a view of the sea. Their unique character and the outstanding location of the entire facility allow you to enjoy the luxury and the sea breeze in every season of the year. Each suite in Wave Międzyzdroje Resort & Spa will surely be a very beneficial investment guaranteeing stable return.

We offer you two options of purchasing suites:

1. Purchase for investment

Invest in a suite, entrust its administration to us and do not worry about anything.

original architecture

suite finishing according to our recommendations guaranteeing high standard

An integrated air conditioning and heating system will allow to get rid of boilers, so they do not spoil the view.

2. Purchase for individual needs

You arrange the suite according to your own idea and taste. You can use it all year long

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